Now tenants have finally got the chance to choose between opaquely darkening their rooms with the roller shutter or shadowing them with the awning blind. While providing effective heat protection you will never miss healthy daylight and a pleasant view in the nature.

The perfect combination of roller shutter and awning blind is easy to use and increases serviceability compared to the common stand-alone solutions. The flexible manner in which MarkiRoll can be used guarantees a higher level of living comfort and well-being.

MarkiRoll is an aesthetic element coming along with a discreet design. Besides the transparent awning blind made of coated fiberglass you may as well go for one of the coloured screens from the Soltis collection.

MarkiRoll is a new combination of roller shutter and awning blind.

  • MarkiRoll is suitable for a completely new and initial installation as well as for retrofitting already mounted products of different manufacturers
  • The product which combines the user benefits of both systems
  • MarkiRoll can be used with windows and skylights
  • Benefits from the existing technology and the drive available
  • MarkiRoll can be operated manually and electrically
  • MarkiRoll offers what is expected by the market

* This pictures shows the retrofit kit installed at a HEIM & HAUS
   roof window- and roller shutter-combination (model 2008)

The R+T leading world trade fair for roller shutters, gates/doors and sun protection systems in Stuttgart was a great success for MarkiRoll.
Enthusiastic visitors´ responses to this world debut were entirely positive.
According to the motto innovation made in Germany we presented the prototype at the Pavillion of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy.

Picture credits: VISUELL Studio für Kommunikation GmbH and Messe Stuttgart